Detox, inch-loss, cellulite & body wraps for all of your body’s needs

For centuries, Spa Body Therapy treatments have been embraced for their revitalizing and therapeutic effects. From ancient mineral hot springs to modern seaweed wraps, these treatments detoxify your body, de-stress your mind and revitalize your skin.

“The ultimate in relaxation, these treatments will aid in detoxification, cellulite, lack of tone and dehydration.”

Ultimate Body Renewal $135
Hydrating & Exfoliating treatment for dry, undernourished skin.
Soothe & Soften your skin.

Rejuvenation Moor Wrap $135
Give sluggish skin a boost.

Detoxifying Cellulite Wrap $99 NEW …great for military checkups!
Balance excess body fluid (knee to waist only).

Hydrating & Toning Wrap $99
A sea-spa treatment for dry skin that lacks tone.

Mind’s Eye Hot-Oil treatment (Shirodhara) $99
Our take on this ancient Ayurvedic classic will surely help you restore an inner calm and balance your emotions.
Also a rejuvenation treatment for your hair and scalp.

Warming Body Glow $69
Smooth and silken your body with sea salts.