Stress Relief

Stress Relief

10 ways to reduce your stress: attitude, work & leisure
So here are some quick and easy down to earth tips for lowering your stress and enjoying your life.


Laugh more
Watch perfectionism
Control your anger
Slow down
Don’t procrastinate
Stop feeling guilty
Let go of grudges
Follow your dreams
Pick your battles
Work isn’t worth it

Work life

Clear your desk
Make a list
Take breaks
Avoid interruptions
Go home on time
Work less
Ask questions
Make your job fun
Get more involved


Do less
Turn off the television
Be with friends
Make chores fun
Go outside
Eat better
Take real vacations
De-junk your home
Get a pet.

Remember, you can make changes in your life if you change your perception and take steps to lower your stressors.
Dr. Joy Miller

Just as physical fitness conditions the body, spiritual fitness nourishes the soul.
Meditation, visualization and relaxation can help you improve stress-related conditions such as anxiety, hypertension and insomnia. Proper breathing forms the basis for successful meditation and visualization. We suggest you begin with breathing exercises, especially if you’re new to this spiritual experience. The more often you practice these exercises, the more adept you will become and the more you will benefit.


Make correct breathing a part of your life and possess a powerful tool for relieving stress.


Meditation is a coming home to the quiet place within us, to where and when we are very relaxed, still and calm. Meditation is focusing on the simple, relinquishing the racing, analytical mind and allowing the moments of stillness and calm.


The images in our minds eye can be powerful tools for influencing our physical and emotional world.


Take a day trip into the mountains.
Talk a walk hand-in-hand with a loved one.
Enjoy a good book.
Sign up for our “Couples Massage Lesson.”
Practice Balnetheray (Bath Therapy).
Start a hobby.
Plant a tree.
Treat yourself!