Skin Care Tips

Caring for your skin

Where do I start?

1. Determine what your skin type is…..
2. Pick a regimen that works for your skin type…
3. The basic steps for your skincare regimen….

Skin Types

There are many different skin types besides dry, normal and oily. At Yevgeniya’s, we address each individuals skin type and create a customized regimen that will work specifically for you. Listed below are the most common skin types, if there is something we have not addressed, please contact your local consultant and we will work with you to determine your skin type.

Normal Skin- Characteristics: good balance of oil and water; healthy tone and smooth texture.
Oily/Problem Skin- Characteristics: thick, oily, shiny, large pores, breakouts; may be dehydrated.
Dry/Mature Skin- Characteristics: dull, lacking in moisture, flaky, tight or lined.
Sensitive Skin- Characteristics: tight, fragile, blushes or irritates easily.

Basic Steps
Skin Cancer – What you need to know
How to protect yourself
How to have Great Looking Skin
Problem Skin, What do I do
Staying Younger Longer

Skincare tips for fall & winter

Basic Steps

At Yevgeniya’s, we understand that time is precious. With this in mind, we have created a regimen that will only take 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes at night which will leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed and radiant. Your basic skincare regimen starts with these three easy steps; Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize.

1. Cleanse- Use morning and night to wash face and remove makeup, excess oil and dirt.
2. Tone- “Windex for the Skin” Very important step because it not only removes excess makeup, it removes the residue that is left behind from tap and hard water such as; chlorine and calcium. If not removed, over time your skin will become dull, dry and dehydrated.
3. Moisturize
a. Day-
Use at least an SPF 15 moisturizer to hydrate and protect
b. Night- Use a deeper moisturizer for night to nourish and hydrate.

Other products to consider are:
Exfoliators (Once a week)
Masks (Once a week)
Serums (Every other day)
Eye Treatments (Daily)

Skin Cancer

What you need to know….. Melanoma is increasing faster than any other cancer in the United Sates. Over 51,000 new cases are reported to the American Cancer Society each year. If diagnosed and removed while it is still thin and limited to the outermost skin layers, it is almost 100% curable. Once the cancer advances and spreads to other parts of the body it is hard to treat and can be deadly. Recently, there was an article written in the Mercury News that skin cancer is being linked to risk of forming other diseases. Dr. Carol Rosenburg of Evanston-Northwestern Healthcare did a study involving 92,835 post-menopausal women. Even after considering other factors that influence cancer risk; smoking, weight and education level, she still found an increased risk of getting other cancerous diseases associated with skin cancer. In the past 10 years, it was rare to see someone under 40 with melanoma. Today, because of environmental factors, like the thinning of the ozone layer, there are more reported cases of people in their 20’s and 30’s with melanoma. There are more deaths from skin cancer than any other cancer related diseases. We have a misconception that if we are not the typical sun worshipper, we are safe. WRONG, 78% of our sun exposure is done while we are driving in the car and just walking outside.

How to protect yourself

WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERYDAY!!!! Use at least an SPF 15 on your face and hands and if your body is going to be exposed to the sun put it all over. If you are a sun worshiper and can’t stay away from the beach, cover up as best you can. Wear a sexy hat and sunglasses and you will look fabulous! If you have had skin cancer or any other form of sun damage, use products that contain a lot of anti-oxidants like vitamins A, C & E. Last but not least, get a yearly check up from your dermatologist, it can save your life!

For more information on early detection or general information about skin cancer you can go to

How to have Great Looking Skin

PROTECT YOUR SKIN FROM THE SUN. 90% of the aging your skin experiences is the direct result of your sun exposure “history.” Use sunblock every day – not just when it’s sunny. Always apply a sunscreen 30-40 minutes before exposure, to allow the active ingredients to begin working. If you have a sun allergy, use a block with Titanium Dioxide. The only thing more aging to the skin than sun is cigarette smoke. Yevgeniya’s Oil Free Sunblock, SPF 30 is a great product for preventing premature aging caused by sun exposure.

DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. Your skin needs lots of water to function properly as an excretory organ. Avoid dehydrating beverages like diet sodas, coffee, black tea and alcohol. Sip small amounts (3-4 ounces) at a time – don’t gulp the proverbial “Eight 8-ounce glasses.” Alas, demineralized skin can’t truly benefit from the water you drink. Once mineral salts are restored, you’ll notice a difference.

CLEANSE TWICE DAILY. Your morning cleansing removes waste excreted during your skin’s nocturnal self-cleansing process. An evening cleaning ensures removal of dirt, oil, pollution and makeup. Don’t overcleanse, and always use toner to prevent dehydration from tapwater residue (picture the glass door in your shower if you think that water leaves your skin “clean”). If you’re very oily, you may benefit from a light mid-day cleansing as well.

DON’T SMOTHER YOUR SKIN WITH MOISTURIZER. Overmoisturizing can lead to clogged pores and even sagging skin. The correct formula is one that balances water and oil levels in your skin. Moisturizer should make your skin feel comfortable – not tight and not overlubricated.

FEED YOUR SKIN. If you’re on a low-fat diet, make sure you get enough essential fatty acids (EFA’S) or your skin can become dull and dry. If your skin is acne prone, avoid iodized salt and sodium heavy foods, and switch to organic dairy products and meats to avoid hormonal additives. Eruptive, red skin will be exacerbated by spicy foods, and intolerance for dairy products underlies many acne conditions that appear to be cystic. For skin prone to dilated capillaries, bioflavinoids (in C Complex) help strengthen vascular tissue and reduce redness and bruising.

AVOID FRICTION AND EXCESSIVE HEAT. Over stimulation from scrubs and hot water is a prime cause of dilated capillaries on the face. Use warm water for cleansing and avoid washing your face in the direct spray of a hot shower. Loofahs should never be used on the face; a skin shammy is much gentler.

DON’T HANDLE YOUR FACE. “Picking” is a common nervous habit that leads to breakouts and scarring. Continuous contact with a telephone receiver or your hands will cause “acne mechanica.”

REDUCE STRESS. Stress creates disease and ages the tissues of the body, especially the skin. Exercise, massage therapy, yoga, aromatherapy, breathwork and meditation are highly effective against stress.

GET ADEQUATE SLEEP. Your skin will tell on you if you’re sleep deprived or exhausted. Without adequate sleep, your body can’t restore and repair itself. Not only will you live longer, your skin will look better too.

FOLLOW A REGULAR FACIAL TREATMENT PROGRAM. As with exercise, anything you do to your body must be done regularly in order to achieve and then maintain results. We can help you determine a realistic home care and spa treatment schedule. While initial results can be dramatic, the progressive improvement after about one year of regular facial treatments is truly remarkable. Let Yevgeniya’s help you achieve the skin you deserve to have!

Problem Skin – What do I do?

The only skin disease which can be untreatable is malignant melanoma. Most skin conditions can be treated and are not life threatening. The only thing they can threaten is your confidence.

Adolescent Acne and Adult Acne affect millions of people and if taken care of early on can almost always be successfully treated. Acne occurs from several things. It starts with clogged pores and because of the increased levels of the male sex hormone androgen, (which is also found in women), creates more oil which backs up in the pores which can cause the dreaded blackhead. When the bacteria feeds on this oil (sebum), you get inflammation. A blemish is caused by the bodys defense of fighting off the bacteria.

Contrary to popular belief, eating chocolate and fried foods cannot give you spots. Some acne can be caused by over excess of dairy and acidic foods. You should always eat a healthy well-balanced diet which contains a lot of fruits and vegetables. This will also help you fight off free radicals. Stress can also be a contributing factor.

Wash your face two to three times a day to remove excess oil. Never use soap. Soap is high in alkaline and over time will strip away all the water and natural oils out of the skin. This will make your skin become dehydrated and can have reverse effects. The skin will actually start to produce oil to over compensate. Our Grapefruit Cleanser is gentle and acts as a natural astringent.

Use an alcohol free toner. Alcohol can be very drying. Tap and hard water leave mineral deposits on the skin which can cause skin to feel tight, dry and flaky. This will often cause clients to believe their skin is drier than it is, as a result they may over moisturize which can cause congestion or breakout. Our Purifying Toner removes mineral residue, lightly hydrates without adding oil and prepares skin for the proper protective treatment.

Use an oil free sunblock everyday. Use a product that is oil free and PABA free. This will not clog the pores and will lightly hydrate and protect your skin from harmful rays. Try our Oil Free Sunblock SPF 30 for your everyday sun protection.

Do not use abrasive scrubs. This can cause more irritation to the skin and can cause a lot of inflammation. For exfoliating try our Multi-Enzyme Peel. This is a gentle peel that will remove dead skin cells and leaves the skin soft, smooth, and glowing.

Avoid Dairy if you breakout around the jawline and chin area. We know it is hard but try cutting out milk, ice cream, yogurt and cheese for a while until your skin start to clear up!

Limit orange juice if you have breakouts around the cheek area. You may have too much acidic foods in your diet.

Try to reduce stress. Easier said than done, but stress is a huge culprit for breakouts. Try to find time in your day to relax. Meditate or take up a Yoga Class.

Don’t Pick. Picking at your skin can cause more breakouts and scarring. Try to get regular facials or give yourself a facial once a week. Try our Detoxifying Mask as part of your facial treatment.

Add Chelated Zinc to your vitamin list. Research has shown that Zinc has acne fighting ingredients which can reduce the production of sebum (oil) while helping with the repair process.

Get lots of rest! Try to get a least 8 hours of sleep a night.

Rosacea is sometimes referred to as adult acne, but instead of blackheads, you get extreme flushing and enlarged blood vessels. Overtime, the nose can become very swollen and red. The cause is unknown but it is found more often in people with fair skin.

Topical and oral antibiotics can help to control the problem.

Do not use harsh cleansers or alcohol. Use gentle cleansers and toners that are formulated for sensitive skin. Also, stay away from products that contain artificial fragrance and color. Try our SensiCalm Cleanser and Toner if you suffer from this skin condition.

Use a soothing mask that contains green tea, chamomile and other soothing ingredients once a week to calm the redness down. We have a wonderful green tea gel mask that will calm and leave the skin feeling refreshed.

Avoid spicy food, hot drinks and SUN!

Staying younger longer

Well we still have not found the “Fountain of Youth”, but there are many things you can do to delay the signs of aging.

First of all what is skin? It is our largest organ. It protects us against infection. It also performs a number of exchange functions, absorbing what we need and getting rid of what is damaging. Unlike, other organs in our body, our skin in on constant display. It is the face we show to the whole world. How our skin functions does not get too much focus, we are mainly concerned with how our skin looks. We all want smooth, clear, glowing skin and some of us are lucky to have and others have to work at it. Whether you are trying to keep the skin you have or improve it, learning more about the aging process is important and we can show you how to defy it.

Over the past 10 years, we have learned more about how to fight the aging process with cosmeceuticals and life style. The belief is that aging is genetic and a result of time, but recent studies have shown that there are many factors that contribute to the aging process. The most common one is SUN. Other factors are; smoking, diet, pollution, over exercising, stress and lack of sleep. Of course we can’t fight mother nature and as we get older there is a decrease in the amount of oil in our skin, loss of firmness due to collagen reduction, slower cell regeneration, thinning of the skin and past sun damage.

We are sure you have all heard of the term “free radicals” but what the heck are they? Well, hence the name, they can cause chaos to our healthy cells also causing the skin to age. Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that are created in our body by simple things such as circulation and digestion and other activities such as; exercise, smoking, pollution and the sun. Once these molecules are created they bounce around and attach themselves to our healthy cells. Free radicals can damage almost every part of the cell including our collagen molecules which can cause the skin to age.

Have no fear, Anti-Oxidants are here! Most of the good topical crèmes today are loaded with Anti-Oxidants which help to combat the free radicals. Anti-Oxidants contain vitamins A, C, E and Zinc. Not only should you only use these types of face crèmes, it is important that you have a diet that is rich in Anti-Oxidants (See our list of foods in the Fit Skin section). Anti-Oxidants will capture the out of control molecules so they cannot continue to damage our healthy cells. If you want to stay younger longer, you must incorporate Anti-Oxidants in your skincare regimen and diet. All of our moisturizers have Anti-Oxidants and for more protection try our Vitamin C+ Collagen Serum.

Skincare for Winter/Fall

#1. Switch Cleansers
Your skin is always oilier in the summer due to heat and humidity, so a deeper cleansing face wash was in order. In Fall and Winter the air becomes more crisp and drier and you are indoors more with the heat. Find a non-soap product, like a gentle milking cleanser, which will remove dirt and impurities but doesn’t strip your skin’s natural oils. If you tend to be oily in the T-zone, apply an oil free toner to that area after you cleanse.

#2. Exfoliate
Your skin can appear dull and dry after a summer spent in the sun or just being outside. Exfoliation can remove the dull outer layer of skin and unclog pores. For those of you with sensitive skin, use a gentle facial scrub that won’t scratch, tear or damage the skin. Yevgeniya’s has three different kinds of exfoliators based on your skin type. Glycolic 15% is an extra strength treatment for dry and mature skin. It helps to smooth rough skin, unclog the pores and leaves the skin with a beautiful glow. Our Jojoba Facial Polish is a great treatment for those of you with sensitive skin. It uses jojoba microbeads which dissolve while you massage. Our latest and greatest exfoliate is our Multi-Enzyme Peel made from pumpkin and papaya. It dramatically improves clarity and texture to all skin types leaving the skin radiant.

#3. Add Moisturizer
Whether you used only your sunscreen or skipped moisturizer altogether in the summer, it is time to add it back. You should still use a sunscreen everyday, but you should also use a moisturizer as well. It is especially important to use a daily moisturizer that has anti-oxidants in it, like vitamin A, C and E. These ingredients neutralize the damaging toxins from free radicals such as sun, smoke and pollution. If you are oily, apply only to dry areas like cheeks.

#4. Use a good eye crème
Older skin is prone to showing fine lines. Sun exposure exacerbates these problems. An eye treatment can help smooth the eye area again. Look for a product containing nab mushroom, an ingredient that effectively holds moisture onto the skin. Apply it only along the bone underneath your eye. Putting it too close to the lower lid margin can lead to puffiness. If you have puffiness try an eye gel that has cucumber extract.

#5. Combat brown spots
Post-summer, you may notice more dark spots on your face. These spots are signs of sun damage. To help remove them, try a fading serum containing the ingredients NAB asafetida. Bleaching serums work by slowing the production of pigment deep in the skin; they usually take a minimum of six weeks to work.

#6. Get a skin check-up
With over 50,000 new cases of melanoma, the deadliest skin cancer, diagnosed each year, fall is the perfect time to schedule a skin check with a dermatologist. This is especially crucial if you spent your summer in the sun, as moles can change and become abnormal quickly. A dermatologist can thoroughly examine your skin so you can clear up any possible problems before they become serious.