New Spa

We moved back into town recently and built a Beautiful day spa and skin clinic next to Ent credit union (& meeker music) in the King Soopers shopping center at Woodmen Rd & Rangewood (or Lexington).

…I’m not sure if you know it or not, but we began in Chapel Hills mall in 2001. We were in that location for a couple years but then the mall moved us. We built out again there in the mall and they moved us again! So we decided to get our own building out in the Black Forest instead of face another mall mishap.

Our Black Forest location was beautiful but too many of you live in town and when gas went WAY UP in 2008, we surveyed you and asked what you’d like us to do. You all said we should move back into town, which we did at Woodmen & Academy.

However (you guessed it), this time instead of being moved by the mall, the city claimed “eminent domain” and we had to move again. So we settled on the more permanent location of where we are now.

Centrally located, beautifully redesigned, our new Russian Day Spa & Skin Clinic is a wonderful new home.