You’ve had 3 kids (one a set of twins!), are late 30’s, live off of fast-food half the time and have a busy life that doesn’t allow you to exercise, even though you’d love to.

Sound familiar?

Well, that’s my life, mine, Zhenya, owner of the Russian Day Spa & Skin Clinic and it’s been going on for YEARS. We’ve been in town here over a decade and you think life would get a little “easier” as you age, but it doesn’t.

This probably sounds very similar to your life too. Stress has caused some lines you haven’t seen before, age has allowed gravity to take over, kids add to it all and no time to do anything about it. Not too hard to imagine right?

BUT, how about this?

You turn the heads of twenty somethings and get noticed by wherever you go. People smile at you. Men notice as you walk into a room. Women even notice you. You get flattering attention… because (honestly) you look good (even hot)!

The intent here certainly isn’t to brag (trust me) but this is how it is for me (Lord knows why)… well, I know why and I know you’re going to find this VERY interesting.

I’ve decided…

To share my Personal Cellulite Reduction & Slimming routine with you (and it Doesn’t involve long hours at the gym, I haven’t been in months OR weird diets… which I try often:)

I RARELY do this because it’s kind of embarrassing to let out my own personal cellulite and slimming “weight loss” secrets, but here goes…

…for the first time since my physician assistant days back in Russia, I’m publicly letting the cat out of the bag and sharing my own personal cellulite and slimming routine that I use.

So what exactly is my Cellulite Slimming program?

It consists of six (6) weekly body treatments that I personally developed from my knowledge of working in health clincs. Here’s what we do:

  • 1st we utilize steam to loosen up the muscles
  • Then we prepare the body with a brisk massage and/or vacuuming treatment that gives you firmer, smoother skin by getting rid of the excess liquid in your body
  • Next Ultrasonic waves penetrate even deeper to do work at the cellular level, breaking up cellulite
  • Finally we apply a special firming gel to the treated area 🙂

“The Results Are Absolutely AMAZING, Even After Just ONE Treatment!”

If you’re at all familiar with the results we get from one of our acne or anti-aging facial treatments, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So would HALF-OFF Interest you in booking your first “Cellulite & Slimming” package with us today?

We sell these treatments for $200 each, but if you call NOW you can get your “weight loss” plans back under control and get our Cellulite & Slimming package (SIX treatments) for just $599.

Guess what, there’s more! (I mean it)

We’ve got the best clients in town, you’ve made us the #1 spa in Colorado Springs for facials, massages & now body treatments with our cellulite, slimming (weight loss) treatments, so I’m going to offer you a shameless bribe to get you to pick up the phone right now and call us at 719-495-1049

(I can’t believe I just admitted to the world I use cutting edge technology to stay in shape!)

Why the Extra Bonus???

Two reasons:

First, I want to make sure there isn’t a single pair of “idle hands” during a typically “slow month” in our industry, and second… (this is a bit of a confession), I broke my New Years Resolution of exercising daily the very first week, so I KNOW how hard it can be to stay in shape. I don’t want to see you give up on a healthier, more beautiful you so thought I’d offer to help by doing the work for you!

Now there is ONE CATCH… we want your “word of mouth.”

Check in on facebook when you’re here, refer your friends to us, let everyone know who isn’t a client of the Russian Day Spa yet that they should be! We also want a testimonial from you on how fabulous these Cellulite & Slimming treatments work for you to use in our marketing… but I think that’s a more than fair trade for Half-OFF.

The BONUS???

We’re going to GIVE YOU FOR FREE one of our specialty firming or cellulite products so you can continue the treatment at home.

So call now and schedule your first “Cellulite & Slimming” package treatment at 719-495-1049

-Zhenya & Staff

 OH! I almost forgot… We Guarantee Results!

If you buy a Cellulite & Slimming package and are not 100% Satisfied with your results after your first treatment, let us know and your first visit will be on me!

Don’t miss out, we’re only offering these for Half-Off this month only (and our books are already filling up) so call 719-495-1049 and schedule your first one now.