Therapeutic Massage

Colorado Springs BEST Therapeutic Massage has got to be the Award-Winning (by Reader vote) Russian Day Spa‘s “Athlete’s Massage.”

Massage therapists nationwide focus on a deep tissue massage to work out those tough knots and help people find relief from back pain.

SECRET: Often many massage therapists never master the skills needed to properly perform a therapeutic massage that actually delivers results to back pain and other stress related back problems.

…let me explain what I mean by that.

I began my health career as a nurse-practitioner in Russia. In medical university there we learned about alternative healing, such as massage and how it could help.

However in Russia it wasn’t alternative, it was part of our medical school studies. Because of my specific “massage to heal” training in medical school, I was taught how to give a therapeutic massage a completely different way than what is done by most here in America.

It takes years of practice to build up the muscles needed to properly give a therapeutic deep-tissue massage and most massage therapists are “out of the biz” and onto something else before they have even built up their muscles.

More importantly, they were never taught (so haven’t mastered) the massage knowledge and skills needed that will deliver healing results for serious back pain.

So my international medical school education (& years of therapeutic massage practice in health hospitals) is what makes the difference.

The techniques…

The knowledge…

The muscles…

And this is what I hand pick and train my staff to do because I want our “Athlete’s” Therapeutic Massage to not only relax you, but give you a healthier lifestyle.

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