Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stones Massage in Colorado Springs unlike any other…hot stones massage

I personally created the protocols for our hot-stones massage here at the Russian Day Spa.

My Nurse Practitioner background & working at hospitals and clinics made me want to put a special twist on how we do a hot stones massage.

See, most hot-stones massages out there are more of just a relaxing treatment. They rub you with stones and the smooth sensation of them along with the heat makes it a very popular wintertime treatment here in Colorado Springs (or when it snows in June:)

I developed our hot stones treatment to aid in automotive accident recovery or other back injuries.

So instead of a lighter massage involving stones and only stones, we actually do a full, therapeutic massage along with the stones… so you get the therapeutic expertise of the massage therapists hands along with the benefit of the heated stones to help your muscles.

The result?

Simply outstanding!

1. It’s made our stones completely different from the ‘foo-foo’ type of massage that everyone else does, and…

2. Although still a lighter massage that’s good for ‘beginners’ as well as seasoned clients, this gets results.

Try one out, if you don’t like it, the next one’s on me!


P.S. Oh yeah, we don’t charge extra for our hot-stones massage either, so you can get a 90 minute massage with us for the cost of a 50 minute from anyone else 🙂 719-495-1049 to schedule one now because you deserve to feel better… affordably!