Massage Your Body and Soul

“From therapeutic, deep muscle work to a pampering, stress-relieving aromatherapy, we’ll find the ideal massage for you.”

Couples Massage lesson $149 (90 mins)
During this unique experience, both of you will receive a Tension Relief massage from the therapist and your partner as well as learning and practicing massage techniques.

Massage for two $157 ($20 off!)
Share together, either a Therapeutic or Hot Stones, side by side. Appointment only.

Secret “Law of Attraction” Massage $179 (70 mins)
Treat your body and mind at the same time with our exclusive guided visualization massage. This deluxe massage melts away your stress while at the same time we help you achieve a better life. Chose from: Stress Release, Positive Image, Wealth Attraction & more.

4 Heavenly Hands $147 (50 mins)
Double the massage in the same time. Experience total body relaxation. Appointment only.

Nicoli’s Stress Relief Treatment BEST SELLER $99/125/145 (50/70/90 mins)
The ultimate relief for upper body tension.

Sleeping Beauty Massage $87/109/129 (50/70/90 mins)
For those in need, this vacation will pamper and relax you with a full body massage along with an foots dream massage utilizing essential oil blends.

Golfers Massage $97/119/139 (50/70/90 mins)
80 minutes of muscle tension relief especially designed for those problem golf areas.

Hot-Stones Massage $87/109/129 (50/70/90 mins)
This massage is the ultimate in relaxation. Hot stones are used to create a unique heated treatment that enhances the traditional massage. Hot Stones Massage details, read more…

Tsar’s Massage $97/119/139 (50/70/90 mins)
This AMAZING massage focuses on the Tsar’s preffered areas, the back and feet.

Lavender Fields Massage $97/119/139 (50/70/90 mins)
A swedish style massage featuring the benefits of Lavender aromatherapy utilizing essential oils to melt your troubles away.

Peter The Great’s Steam Massage $99/129/149 (50/70/90 mins)
Soothing stream to help with aches and pains.

Athlete’s Massage $87/109/129 (50/70/90 mins)
This therapeutic massage targets your areas in need and may use a massage lotion to heats up sore muscles. It’s ideal for people with back or shoulder pain, headaches, and other health problems. Therapeutic Massage details, read more…

Tension Relief Massage $59 (35 mins)
Treat yourself to 35 minutes of upper body relief along with a foot massage.

Relaxation Massage $49 (25 mins)
Ideal for stress relief, this half-body massage is for your head, neck, shoulders, arms and back.

Foots Dream Massage $49 (25 mins)
This half-hour Foot Reflexology workout for your feet will make them feel revitalized and happy.