International Day Spa

“Treat yourself like Russian royalty.”

The “American Spa” isn’t really a spa at all… but a hair salon with a room in the corner for a spa treatment. Often filled with the loud noises of stylists and hair dryers… the smells of chemicals and fake nails I can’t stand to be in the places, let alone try to relax there.

On the other side of he world is a whole new experience. A relaxing atmosphere… courteous staff… trained therapists… it’s all about YOU. The healing benefit of you being able to destress, unwind and experience some less medicinal and more therapeutic therapies.

Why don’t more “real spa’s” exist here? That’s easy, Money. Spa’s are Expensive! They take a lot of room, require outstanding service, demand trained staff… and although many have embraced “Whole Foods” and a more organic diet, “Whole Medicine” is still a relatively new idea.

I’m not going to twist your arm to come in or try to brainwash you that my way is the best way. I just want to plant a seed. Open your eyes to a stress free lifestyle. Let you know that “Whole Medicine” is available (and it works:)

…stop in when you’re ready to live better.