Healthy Living


Healthy Living

Enhancing your body and well being

1. Get adequate sleep. The optimum time to go to bed is between 10:00 and 10:30 p.m. Try to control disruptions in your sleep, unless you have a newborn.

2. Eat Meals at regular intervals. Your body thrives on routine. Don’t wait until you are starving before you eat. Try to eat lunch before 2:00 p.m. and do not eat dinner within 2 hours of going to sleep. The best way to eat is five small meals a day, this will keep your metabolism up which will help to burn more calories.

3. Don’t over-exercise. New studies confirm the ancient eastern belief that excessive exercise can actually prematurely age the body, wearing it out. Integrate moderate exercise into your routine. Be sure to include some form of stretching. Yoga and Pilates are known to increase strength and flexibility, improve physical and mental health and reduce the effects of stress and aging.

4. Try to meditate. Sooner or later, you need to learn to meditate. Meditation takes only 15-20 minutes per day, or less. It’s easy to integrate into your morning routine along with some stretches. If you find that you can’t concentrate and lack focus during your workday, meditation will help to quiet your mind.

5 . Drink Plenty of water. The skin needs lots of water to properly function. This will help hydrate the skin and excrete the stored toxins in the system. Racquel Welch says it is her fountain of youth!

6. Protect your skin from the sun always! The only thing more aging to the skin than sun is cigarette smoke. Ninety percent of the aging your skin experiences is the direct result of your sun exposure history. Even if you are not a sun worshipper, it does not matter because most of the exposure is a result of everyday actives like walking to the mailbox, driving in the car (car windows do not block out UV rays!) Use sunblock on exposed skin everyday, not just when it is sunny.

7. Take Warm, not hot, baths and showers. I know it feels great, but hot water is a prime cause of dehydration and flaky skin. Apply body lotion while skin is till damp to lock in moisture.

8. Relax. Use Balnetheray. This is also known as bath therapy. Set aside fifteen minutes and fill a tub with warm (not hot) water. Light a candle or two, play some relaxing music and add 5-6 drops of your favorite essential oil. Slip in, close your eyes and let the stress of the day drain from your body. You will be amazed at what a difference this ritual can make in your overall state of mind.

9. Treat yourself. After all, you deserve a little pampering. Come and enjoy a massage, manicure and a facial. We’ll also educate you on how to care for your skin.

The best foods for your skin and body

1. Water
I know we hear this all the time, but it is so true. We need to drink a minimum of 2 quarts per day, or ½ our body weight in ounces per day. Water is great to help us detoxify, keep our skin clear and hydrated. It helps to reduce those fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Salmon
The best fish to eat is cold water fish. Include sardines, tuna, mackerel, cod, herring and trout as well. All of these have the best essential fats for smoother skin, increased energy, increased immunity, decreased pain production and all are very heart healthy.

3. Oatmeal
Plain, old-fashioned whole grain oatmeal is inexpensive and has no added sugar or fat. Great fiber for the colon, to help reduce cholesterol and it’s full of B complex vitamins.

4. Olive Oil and olives
The Mediterranean’s have 1/3 the cardiovascular disease we do in the U.S. They eat lots of olive oil. It is great for salads or sautéing and is very heart healthy. Remember that fat does not make you fat! The right fats will help you lose weight.

5. Nuts
The best are walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts. These little packages of protein, good fat and fiber are also chocked full of minerals. The good fats provide cardiovascular protection as well as help to lower cholesterol.

6. Seeds-pumpkin, sunflower, flax and sesame
All of these seeds provide vitamins and minerals to help us use our fuel efficiently. They also contain those good fats to help us soften our skin, and increase our energy.

7. Greens
In salads and vegetables-have several servings every day. The magnesium found in these help to keep us relaxed and “regular”. Magnesium is needed for the normal function of all our muscles, including the cardiac muscle-our heart.

8. All anti-oxidant containing foods

The top-10 list of anti-oxidant foods

By Dr. Lois Vanderhoof, Nutritionist

1. Avocados
These great little packages of green contain something called glutathione- this is one of the master anti-oxidants of the body.

2. Berries
Any kind of color! -they are loaded with vitamins and minerals as well as anti-oxidants to slow down the aging process.

3. Sweet potatoes
A nutritionist all-star! Loaded with Vitamin C, potassium, fiber and carotenoids. These anti-oxidants help fight the free radicals of aging.

4. Broccoli
Also loaded with Vitamin C and fiber, folic acid, carotenoids, too. This vegetable has possible anti-cancer potential.

5. Grapes
Especially the dark skinned grapes. Grapes have over twenty anti-oxidants in them. Raisins and red wine are also filled with anti-oxidants.

6. Citrus fruits
Lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits- all are loaded with Vitamin C, and this is your primary defense in the battle against Father Time.

7. Spinach
Have it in a salad, or braise it with garlic! Have specific carotenoids to help prevent macular degeneration and cataracts.

8. Carrots or other orange fruits and vegetables
They contain the whole carotenoid family to supply our bodies with good protection against aging.

9. Cantaloupe
One quarter of this delicious melon supplies as much Vitamin A and C as most people need in an entire day.

10. Tomatoes
These contain Lycopene, which is an anti-oxidant that helps to fight against certain types of cancer.

Dr. Lois Vanderhoof is a certified clinical nutritionist in Plano, TX and can be reached at