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A Healthy Lifestyle, An Even Healthier Business Model.

“In today’s stressful environment, we are all in need of an Escape. The $135 Billion Beauty Industry opportunities are endless. We are all seeking peace, health and wellness. The Russian Day Spa franchise division is committed to creating a true Day Spa environment where one can get away from it all and treat themselves to healthy indulgence.” –Chris Brazy, president

-Why the Russian Day Spa
-Franchise Opportunity
-Initial Investment Information
-Next Steps

Why the Russian Day Spa?

In the ever-growing beauty industry, learn from a true Day Spa. A place where one can relax and take care of oneself. The key to a healthy lifestyle is not in a hectic, fast-paced salon, but a relaxing place of healing: Treat yourself to the healing sensation of Russian experience.

* The Russian Day Spa is an innovator in the Day Spa business with cutting edge strategies.
* The Russian Day Spa’s service menu is extensive and designed to be beneficial to you clients and employees.
* The Russian Day Spa franchise offers exclusivity in your market area.
* Botanical Russian Day Spa label retail product (skin, hair & bodycare, makeup and specialty items) offers advanced products that work for your clients.
* Our retail strategy offers nearly double the % sales rate of most salon/spas.
* A true Day Spa environment, not a salon extension.
* Information, support and training for you and your staff.
* Two channels of revenue generation: service and product.
* Exclusive, professional-grade products that can’t be found at your local department store chain. This exclusivity means repeat business and customer loyalty for you – which can translate to a substantial source of revenue.


With the Russian Day Spa the advantages are considerable

The Russian Day Spa can be setup at different financial levels, and we offer the support and the resources that will help set you apart.

1. In today’s economy, the Russian Day Spa capitalizes on what works in the real business world. Essentially, we offer the ever needed basics, but also educate clients and advertise to specialty markets as well.
2. The Russian Day Spa franchise allows you to choose your level of involvement in the day-to-day operations.
3. You can specialize by choosing to cater to women, men or both with our product lines and service options.
4. The Russian Day Spa offers a diverse demographic audience that spans both men and women, 18 – 55 years old.
5. We are always available and can provide realistic help with the running of your business. We own and run our own branch, so are familiar with the daily operations.
6. The Russian Day Spa can assist with: financing, location, layout & design, material lists, training & marketing.

When you join the Russian Day Spa, your possibilities are endless and your potential immeasurable with the mystique of our image.

Franchise Opportunity

A new concept in an established industry

By creating a male/female friendly environment in a relaxing atmosphere, we’ve given the typical “Salon/Spa” owner a run for their money. The Russian Day Spa offers a luxurious, yet comfortable atmosphere that appeals to men and women in search of treating health issues, anti-aging skincare or just an escape. Strategic, yet appealing locations make it convenient for customers and help to promote repeat business.

* Start-up costs: $137,000 – $271,000
* No Day Spa experience necessary
* Financial requirements: $100,000 liquidity and $300,000 net worth

“I had really given up on massage therapy, but she [Yevgeniya] cured the headaches. It’s just amazing what it can do. It was so good, and it really did help with those [accident] symptoms. She’s always interested in you. She ‘s even called me at home to see how I was doing.” -Candace Valentine

“It’s a luxurious type of setting. They’ve really done a good job at creating a nice, relaxing atmosphere just to get away from it all.” -Lina Duman

“It was awesome, It’s a beautiful, beautiful place. They have these chairs with the tubs that are built in (for feet), and have a 25-way massage that goes up and down the back of your legs while you’re getting the edicure.” – Alisha Smith, radio personality for KVUU’s (99.9 FM) “Coffey and Alisha in the Morning”

“She [Yevgeniya] is very knowledgeable about what she does, and she can determine which type of massage will better the patient.”
– Dr. Faraq

Initial Investment Information

Business Purchase Option: $197,000

Franchise Option:

Franchise Fee $10,000

Grand opening $5,000

Menu of Services $1,000

Leasehold Improvements $50,000 – $100,000

Fixtures & Equipment. $25,000 – $75,000

Initial Training Costs $5,000

Computer Hard & Software $4,500 – $6,000

Initial Inventory $15,000 – $30,000

Professional Services $1,500 – $5,000

Promotional Expenses $2, 500 – $5,000

Insurance $2,500 – $4,000

Working Capital $15,000 – $25,000

TOTAL $137,000 – $271,000


What do I need to know about the day spa industry?
Absolutely nothing. In fact, it is recommended that you do not have any type of caregiver license. Your success will rely more on your managerial and people skills.

Do I have to leave my current job?
No. Your involvement is up to what your expertise and comfort level. You can choose to handle the ownership duties of supervision, or the daily management role, it’s all up to you.

How do I know if I am a good match for the Russian Day Spa franchise?
Ask yourself the following questions.
– Do I enjoy working with people?
– Do I have the needed capital?
– Am I financially stable?
– Am I interested in creating an exclusive establishment?
– Am I willing to make it happen?

How can you help me?
We will not only get you all the information needed to get started, but we will also partner with you for the long run. Communication, training and support is #1 with us. You will learn about customer service, employee relations, sales, client education, marketing, the menu of services and just about everything else under the sun to help you succeed. We’re always available to discuss whatever your needs are.

How does my staff get trained?
Most states requires a license for the caregivers, so mainly it’s just finding the right match for your Day Spa. We offer advanced training at our flagship spa, and also specialty videos and other resources that may be available in your local community.

Where’s the best location for my Day Spa?
Ultimately, your location is up to you, but we will offer our insight into what we’ve found to work the best. We can also work with your real estate agent and review the demographics, so you’ll be assured of finding several quality sites in your area to choose from.

How does my Day Spa get designed and built?
We will assist you and your architects and give you options from grandeur to comfortable, supplying the needed information to make your branch of the Russian Day Spa have the right feel, be space-conscious and conducive to retail sales.

What about advertising?
We’ve spent years developing different promotions and specials that are at your fingertips. In addition, our print and other media tools and ads are at your disposal. We’ll help you to attract customers, build loyalty and develop repeat customers.

What are the Russian Day Spa standards?
It’s all about the clients experience, so customer service, a peaceful setting, exceptionally trained staff, exclusive retail products and our Day Spa formula for business will help you succeed.

Can you “guarantee” my success?
No. Naturally, there are no guarantees, be wary if there are. However, you will find that our way of operating is completely different from the traditional salon environment that doesn’t work for many spas. Our success has come from setting up the business with the right strategies in place to offer unlimited opportunity.

What’s next?
Fill out our no-obligation, Application Form. We will then contact you to see what steps should be taken next.

Next Steps

Take control of your own future and apply today

We are looking for a few, select entrepreneurial spirits to carry on the name and service standards of the Russian Day Spa.

If you meet the requirements, fill out the application now. Upon receipt, review and approval, we will contact you to discuss our franchise opportunities and decide which one is best for you, answer any questions you may have and make arrangements for a meeting.

After our initial meeting, you will be invited to our flagship Day Spa for a Day of Healthy Indulgence. You will meet with corporate officers, caregivers, front desk staff and managers and become familiar with our services and product.


Email for an application and send the document to [email protected]

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