First Facial

“Skin care at it’s finest in Colorado Springs with a professional facial skin care treatment.”

“Can I improve my skin?”

Obtaining more radiant younger-looking skin is as simple as five minutes in the morning and night. It starts with a customized skincare regimen that works specifically for your skin type. Whether your skin is normal or problematic, Yevgeniya has the right treatment to help you every step of the way! These formulas are currently being sold in premier medi-spas, day spas and resorts around the world and many celebrities have trusted their complexions to these products!

What to expect during a facial.
Men, get in on the secret women have known for years, facials! These treatments are part massage and part skin care, making them the ultimate in healthy indulgence. First, you’ll receive a professional consultation and skin analysis to identify any problem areas that need to be focused on. Your therapist will begin by cleansing your skin in a relaxing, massaging motion. After the initial cleansing, you’ll receive an additional deep cleansing (exfoliating scrub or enzyme peel) followed by some aromatic massage time. Your therapist will concentrate not only on your neck and shoulders, but also your hands and feet as well! Now that your skin is ready, a custom mask designed for your specific skin type (oily, normal, dry, sensitive) will be applied. Steam-therapy and hot towels are often used along with our Aestheticians specialty equipment for better results. After the mask works it’s magic, it will be removed and toner, sunscreen and specialty serums will be applied to aid in the treatment and to protect your new skin from Colorado’s weather. Not only will you look great, but also you will feel even better!

About our own product line
Yevgeniya’s state-of-the-art home care formulas emphasize highly active botanicals and natural ingredients, and are not tested on animals. We work with a variety of top laboratories, and recently introduced Alexandra International Skin Care, our own line of natural skin and body care products. We guarantee your satisfaction with every skin care product and service.

Busy professionals often don’t have the time for regular spa facial services, and we felt these consumers should have better skin care product choices than those offered at drug and department stores. Alexandra International Skin Care was formulated for use in spas and salons according to strict standards for professional level efficacy. Insisting on the highest quality naturally active botanicals, pure essential plant oils, and the avoidance of many common cosmetic sensitizers, our development team worked hard to produce a line of professional-strength products that offer the results expected by skin-savvy pros and consumers. Working with pure plant-derived fragrances, colors, and by layering the benefits-producing ingredients in our products, we have achieved a remarkable combination of excellent results and simplicity of use. Our products are not complicated, and don’t require an expert’s knowledge of skin care in order to enjoy radiant, soft, younger looking skin.

We are dedicated to bringing an unusually fine product collection to you! You’ll find Alexandra products a refreshing change from the products commonly promoted through retail outlets, home events and social networks. We sincerely hope you enjoy our collection; they truly are the product of people with a real commitment to beautiful skin!