About Us

Internationally Licensed Russian massage therapist Zhenya Chsheglova (pronounced “Genya”) is by trade a nurse-practicioneer. She’s spent years helping people at health clinics and children’s hospitals. Specializing in easing back and shoulder pain, headaches, stress, arthritis, weight issues, cellulite, asthma, and other health problems, she’s always cared for her clients.

Zhenya’s husband, Christopher, followed in his fathers footsteps of keeping America strong with an entrepreneurial spirit. When they met in the Midwest, he saw in her an incredible spirit that he could not let go.

Together they searched the nation for a home where they could fulfill her dream and build a place where people could heal themselves, naturally. Where people could go to unwind and relax. A place where you could treat yourself to healthy indulgence.

Zhenya is now offering her experience at such a place, the Russian Day Spa in Colorado Springs.
“Take time to treat yourself to the healing experience of the Russian Day Spa.”